by Michelle

25 Long-Sleeve Swimsuits to Wear All Summer Long

June 26, 2018

When weighing new swim trends, you might not think of the sleeves as an area for innovation. Sure, you can play around with the neckline, the rise, or even the straps of your suit—but surf-inspired one- and two-pieces are taking over the market. Whether you prefer the athletic look or simply want a little more sun protection and coverage when you go to the beach, this trend is equal parts elegant and practical, i.e. the very two things we want in a swimsuit. Check out (and be convinced) by the 25 styles in the gallery, ahead.

This crop top and bikini combo from Mott50 is perfect for the beach and pool and will provide you with great coverage.


Article orginally posted on Glamour

Edited by Mia Cloke