by Michelle

My First Seven Days Using ZSS Clear Skin Formula

July 19, 2016

Today marks my eighth day of the 30 day ZSS Clear Skin Program.

If you did not have a chance to read my first post, ZSS is a natural skin solution that primarily focuses on the detoxification of organs in order to produce radiant, balanced skin.

The 30 day clear skin program includes organic antioxidants, probiotics, botanicals, and a topical hydro serum.

For the past week, I have taken the supplement capsules with food as well as apply the daily serum after cleansing my face in the morning and evening.

I am only one fourth of the way in, but I honestly already feel and see the system cleaning out my skin.

The capsules have started to detoxify my digestive organs and build up my radiant skin.  As pores and blemishes push out the unhealthy aggressors, I am able to see the pollutants being released at the surface. Since the formula tackles the inside first, the first step is breaking down any toxins within my body in order to produce new, clear skin. So do not freak out if blemishes are being released at first, it is a natural way of releasing toxins.

I am so excited to see how rewarding the ZSS formula has been so far and can not wait to see what week two has in store!  Make sure to continue following my 30 day detox with ZSS on the Mott 50 blog each week!