by Michelle

Celebrities Embrace Natural Skin at Met Gala

June 14, 2016

Throw out the fake tanners and grab your sunscreen.  Vogue forecasts sun protection and embraces natural skin for Summer 2016.

Vogue confirmed that celebrities opted out of tanning for this year’s Met Gala and embraced natural, fresh skin instead.  The latest trend is to embody and protect natural pigmentation.  The result: flawless complexion.

Vogue states, “One glance at Kristen Stewart’s supernaturally fair face or Sasha Lane’s immaculate complexion was enough for us to put away the DHA sprays and bronzing powders and slather on another layer of SPF lotion.” And Mott 50 agrees.











There are many effortless ways to protect your natural skin and Vogue lists just a few of the trends celebrities are embracing. Mott 50 is a leader in sun protective clothing. Unlike other brands, it is a trendy way to protect skin’s young aesthetics. Offering a wide variety of clothing for in and out of the water, with Mott 50, you can effortlessly protect your skin while enjoying life outdoors.

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