by Michelle

Dip Powder Nails: The Sun Safe (And Better) Alternative to Gel Manicures

June 29, 2017


Gel manicures have become the must-have manicure recently due to their long-lasting power. However, the newest and coolest nail trend is called dip powder manicure, which actually lasts longer than gel (3-4 weeks)!

The nail color holds from a pigmented powder, and the best part? The manicure doesn’t involve UV lamps, so looking fabulous doesn’t have to be accommodated by wrinkles, or worse, skin cancer.

Unlike gel, dip powder dries instantly and the powders aren’t harmful to inhale, according to chemist Doug Schoon, president of Schoon Scientific + Regulatory Consulting and co-chair of the Nail Manufacturers Council.

In order to remove the nail polish, “We recommend using an electric file and soaking off the remaining product with acetone,” says Vanity Projects’ Ariel Zuniga.

So, will we all be trying this new trend? Of course–who can turn down pretty, long lasting UV-ray-free nails?



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