by Michelle

How to Own Your Paleness This Summer

July 10, 2017




Glowing, sun-kissed, goddess-like: These, unfortunately, are words that have never been used to describe our complexion. (Pale, alabaster and ghost-like on the other hand…) And while we used to be self-conscious about our lack of color, we’ve come to embrace our porcelain skin. Here’s how to own your paleness this summer.

If you go swimming during peak hours, we encourage you to wear protective swimwear. And before you start having flashbacks to those dorky rash guards your mom used to make you wear, know that sleeved one-pieces are actually trendy right now. We’ll be rocking this fabulous one from Mott50 (with UPF, or ultraviolet protection factor) all summer long—and maybe with our big floppy hat.

Article originally posted on PureWow

Edited by Mia Cloke