Self described as an “avocado loving mermaid - - kitesurfer, artist, lifestyle entrepreneur” and a new Mama - Gretta Kruesi is a Southern Belle living in Venice Beach, CA.

Gretta’s lifestyle and personal design aesthetic inspired Mott50’s “Venice Beach themed” Summer collection - influencing new product and designing three feature prints.

SoCal living epitomizes Mott50’s #chasethesun mentality - embracing the outdoors, while ensuring you’re protecting your skin.

Our Summer collection has expanded to include a full chambray capsule, the Kelly long sleeve

swimsuit (with back zip - perfect for surfers), special “Mommy and Me” prints, and an athletic capsule that can we worn to yoga or to stand-up paddleboard!

Gretta designed three of our feature prints - the wood cut succulent, the black & white succulent, and avocados. She hand-painted the succulents in sunset-hue water-colors and then digitized the print for Mott50. The avocado is a true symbol in Gretta’s life, representing happiness, nourishment, and beauty.

She couldn’t be more thrilled to wear her avocado print Kelly suit (featured above), while catching waves, and chasing the sun.