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First grab a measuring tape. If you don’t have one, no worries;
grab a piece of string then line it up against a yardstick.

Measure around your chest at the fullest point of the bust.

Measure around your natural waist at the narrowest point. Keep in mind your natural waist is directly below your rib cage.

Measure around your hips at the fullest part. Make sure your legs are together when you measure.

Sleeve Length
With your arm next to your side, measure from the ball of your shoulder to your wrist bone.

Measure from the top of your thigh straight down your leg to your ankle bone at the inside of your leg.


Bust31.5 in32.5 in33.5 in34.5 in35.5 in36.5 in38 in39.5 in41 in42.5 in
Waist23.5 in24 in25 in26 in27 in28 in29.5 in31 in32.75 in34 in
Hip34 in34.5 in35.5 in36.5 in37.5 in38.5 in40 in41.5 in43 in44.5 in
Infant0 / 6 M6 / 12 M12 / 18 M
Height27 in31 in33 in
Weight (up to)18 lb25 lb28 lb
Kids’2T3T4 — 56 — 781012
Height35 in38 in44 in51 in53 in55 in58 in
Weight (up to)30 lb31.5 lb41 lb55 lb65 lb75 lb90 lb
Chest33 in36 in39 in42 in45 in
Waist28 in30 in33 in36 in39 in
Hip34 in37 in40 in43 in46 in
Sleeve Length29 — 30 in30 — 31 in31 — 32 in32 — 33 in33 — 34 in