by Anne

Sun Protection – 8 Places It’s Needed But Forgotten

June 10, 2014

8 crucial places in desperate need of sun protection, yet commonly overlooked! Can’t think of what they could be? It’s okay! Mott 50 is here to remind you about 8 vital areas in need of sun protection – and tips on how to protect them.

8 Places Sun Protection Is Needed – But Forgotten

1. Ears – Don’t burn your ears. Wear a hat, like Mott 50’s Billy Nautical Wide Brimmed Straw Hat

2. Lips – gloss is great but without SPF you are prone to a quick burn. Wear Coola’s LipLux SPF 30 Original Formula

3. Eyelids –a place often neglected. Apply Olay’s Total Effects Daily Moisturizer with SPF 30 to all areas of your face

4. Shoulders – your shoulders are a sensitive spot! Avoid this by applying sunscreen to your shoulders or cover-up with a shawl, like Mott 50’s Meryl Infinity Scarf

5. Scalp – your scalp is sensitive to sun even with a full head of hair. Make sure to wear a hat, like Mott 50’s Cindy Bucket Hat to protect your scalp

6. Back of Hands – don’t get lobster claws this summer. Invest in a top with hand covers, like Mott 50’s Ginger Top with thumb holes

Tops of Feet – An easily missed area. Protect your feet by applying sunscreen when wearing sandals this summer. We love Neutrogena’s Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 55

Back of Knees – burnt knees are no knee slapper, conceal those knees with sunscreen or skirt, like Mott 50’s Bridgette Maxi Skirt for coverage

With these simple reminders of where sun protection is needed, you have the knowledge to go out this summer prepared, protected and fashionable – with the help of Mott 50!