by Michelle

Week Two With ZSS Clear Skin Method

July 25, 2016

During the first phase of ZSS my skin released the toxins from the inside out.  The ZSS approach tackled my digestive organs and cleaned out the agents blocking my exterior skin.

This week was phase two.  My skin is now feeling smoother and my pigmentation is no longer discolored.  I still have two more weeks to go, but I am feeling amazing.

ZSS has been a great program to detox my summer skin this month.  Finally I was able to shed that dirty, dry skin and produce a summer glow.

It is crazy how I am only half way into the clear skin program and I am already seeing such great results.  I am loving the clean, organic approach ZSS uses for skin, and highly recommend it.  To see what the next two week have in store, make sure to follow the Mott 50 blog!!