by Michelle

What the Sun is Doing to Your Face

January 12, 2016

UVA, UVB, UVC – however much you may not want to deal with it, or hope it won’t affect you, UV damage is real, and you should be using SPF every day – even if you spend most of your time indoors. But it’s also something the beauty biz sometimes uses as a scare tactic. Skin-imaging devices, such as Visia, can show patients the extent of a lifetime of skin problems.

The truth is that a good dermatologist doesn’t need to use this kind of imagery to know how to treat sun damage or related aging concerns. And even if you do decide to give lasers a go and blast a few sun spots here and there, there’s no laser powerful enough to zap away everything you’d see in one of these UV photographs on Refinery29.

Yet there is something fascinating (and scary) about seeing how your skin looks in one of these pictures. Photographer Cara Phillips decided to turn the UV images she had captured into a project. Phillips, a former model, uses her work to “explore personal and larger cultural pressures” that surround women and their perception of beauty and aging.


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